Designed & Developed as a web-based system for the university to automate their financial operations and provide adequate, interactive Management Information System (MIS) reports to the users. Shall be hosted on Krishi Megh, (National Agricultural Research and Education System - Cloud Infrastructure and Services).

Key Features

Key Modules

Module 1

Accounts Module

All bills Payment and Posting in Accounts and Reports generation like Cash Book, Various Expenditure and income reports,etc.

Module 2

Bill-Tracking System

Bill-Creation, Bill-Approvals, Bill-Status

Module 3

Budget Module

It will consist of Budget, Ledgers, Fund-Types, Allocation of Funds, Approval of Funds, Grant recieving,etc.


  • Reduced errors – Helps to automate parts of the finance process that substantially reduce errors and in turn reduce risks.
  • Ability to measure growth–Built-in Analytics and Reporting features that leadership and finance professionals can use to measure growth.
  • Improved compliance -To stay legally compliant with finance laws, universities will also be able to immediately see how changes will impact their work.
  • Data and financial transparency–Tounderstand how all your departments work together to impact your overall financial health, prevent financial losses, theft, and mismanaging funds.
  • Improved productivity –This willmake daily routines faster and fewer manual processes and reduced mistakes mean that finance departments are able to make decisions and act faster.
  • Improved planning and strategy – The reports will help in more informed planning and decisions down the line.