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Event Name :
Brainstorming workshop on Framework for strengthening Academia Industry partnership
Event Venue :
Contact Person Details :
Dr V V Sumanth Kumar
Senior Scientist
Event Date :
31-05-2021 To 31-05-2021
Objective: 1. How to Nurture the Agri Academia Industry relations in a Sustainable way through Institutionalization 2. Identifying various Pathways of Partnership 3. Finalizing the Process/Framework required for implementation.
Pre Event Description :
Brainstorming Workshop on Framework for strengthening Academia Industry Partnership organized on May 31st 2021. As a part of National Agricultural Higher Education Project (NAHEP) on “Investments in Indian Council of Agricultural Research Leadership in Agricultural Higher Education“, A brainstorming workshop was organized with an objective to develop a framework/model for strengthening the relationship between Agri universities and Agri Industry to have greater impact on various stake holders of Indian Agriculture.
Target Group: Academicians,Others,